Our Story

Sparrow Digital first spread its wings as a freelance business in 2011 with our founder Dan Jesse. Then after a few years of working at an agency Dan realised his unique way of connecting with clients and propelling them into the digital world we live in today. So in the summer of 2015 Dan decided to relaunch Sparrow Digital. Up until 2021 Dan flew solo with the support of Ems Jesse taking care of books and finances.

In 2020, businesses realised their need to take flight online in order to survive the pandemic. Sparrow Digital experienced a year of non-stop hard work, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes spread their wings. As a result, Ems stepped up her role at Sparrow Digital full time and we also employed our first staff member!

In 2022, Sparrow Digital is now a close knit team, based in Cumbria, England. We have a friendly, local approach with our clients and our wings span internationally!

As a web agency, we know how to create, design and maintain websites. As Sparrow Digital, we build your online presence. Delivering business growth by enabling you to take flight and flourish in your compatible digital communities. Your website is just the start.