Website: Bruce and Luke’s Coffee

Who are Bruce and Luke?

Bruce and Luke have been good friends of ours for a while now and we set up their first website for them before they were fully operational with their roaster. The first website was very much a “meet a budget” stop gap until they knew how everything was going to pan out, it was an absolute delight when they came back to us for a totally new website with a good healthy budget that would allow us to really deliver something their customers would love.

They’re an energetic duo based here in Carlisle, supplying local cafes with their wholesale coffee beans and machines, as well as shipping their coffee nationally through people’s mailboxes.

What did we deliver?

With this being the second time round, we knew what we needed to deliver from the word “go”, we were to build a straight to the point, no hassle, strongly branded, fresh website. We needed to include eCommerce on there, even adding in the ability to buy coffee subscriptions (sidenote: due to growth in other areas they have removed the subscription options for now until they are able to handle the growing number of customers!).

The part of the website that people see, really puts the message across of the type of brand that we are working with, bright colours, bold lettering and really obvious calls to action so that the users know exactly where they should be going next.

The part of the website that users don’t see is that admin area, and this is the place that holds the most power, this is where Bruce and Luke can manage their orders and users accounts, they can monitor payments and even sync all their sales over to Xero so that there is one less layer of admin to worry about.

We worked directly with Luke on all the design decisions. He’d done most of the research himself and he knew exactly what he wanted, and how it all should work. This working relationship really helped us create a website that ticks pretty much every box it needed to without much compromise.