Spotlight on Supreme Website Build: Sprockets Cycles

We have been working with the team at Sprockets Cycles for three years now. It started with moving them across from Magento to Shopify and creating an online hub for business growth. We have hit certain limitations that Shopify had along the way, but we’ve managed to achieve more than we could ever have imagined!

We put the bespoke Sprockets website as you see today live in May 2020. On the following New Year’s Eve we were really excited to watch last minute sales tick the Shopify store over into the £1,000,000 turnover bracket.

The website is only a small cog in the whole business machine over at Sprockets, however, to play our part in such an achievement, we gave ourselves a pat on the back!

Enter: the next lockdown. With all of our heads down, we were crazy busy with work focussed on getting through each day! Curious again, we checked in on the stats in April 2021, and we were able to watch Sprockets Shopify tick over to the £2,000,000 mark! 

It doesn’t quite end there… 1 year since their launch in May 2021, we looked at their Shopify again. With such momentum over the months of lockdown, we watched Sprockets turnover £3,000,000 on their Shopify site! What an achievement!

Shout out to Craig, the backbone of such a great team to work with and for always having us covered for everything cycling related. We’re loving our trusty steeds!

 It’s been an incredible journey with Sprockets. It proves that a website is worth looking after. Utilising the business asset that it can be, it’s something you continuously work on, nurture, develop, test and tweak. Optimising and improving each month.

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