Website Development: Dalscone Farm Fun

Farmer Ben pioneered the evolution of Dalscone Farm’s online presence to help them weather the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. The Farmers at Dalscone built an online community beyond their wildest dreams.

With daily live educational Facebook videos (mostly for children, but equally as loved by adults) and exceptional engagement with their consumers, they not only had viewers and interactions from the UK, but from America, Australia and everywhere in-between! 

The time came when the UK started to open up again, and everyone wanted to visit Dalscone Farm in Dumfries. After working so hard on the farm to prepare it for their summer opening and nurturing their growing social media community, Dalscone Farm came to Sparrow Digital, requiring a website to support their big summer opening, where their loyal online followers would finally get to visit the Farm Park!

A huge bespoke website build, with lots of fun content for kids and the practical stuff for adults. A place to book tickets, parties & events, get directions, meet the animals and watch their twitch stream of animals in the barn 24/7. Working with the team at Dalscone, we loved getting to know all of the animals and fun to be had at the farm.

The best part of our job is being able to connect businesses with their consumers in the best way we can. 

A successful summer launch and the next phases of their website in progress, at Sparrow Digital we have learnt that a business’ website is really the place where it all comes together!

Of course, we had to go and visit the cutest farm animals in Dumfries…

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