The challenge we faced building our own website

Is it worth it? Yes. You can create a great online hub, if you prioritise it.

As a team of professional website designers and developers, albeit, a small one! It is ideal to have your website looking creative, professional and up to date for online visitors.

This then optimises the potential for that visitor to turn into a client. That client then wants their website to look as good as yours or another one of your clients, who is showcased via your digital portfolio. You also need to maintain your client site as well as you do your own site with optimal hosting. 

Simple, right?

Sparrow Digital’s website development spent a while on the back burner. It is hard to prioritise our website when we’re busy making sure our awesome clients are well taken care of.

We knew we had to revamp our website, it is essential to our business growth.

Sparrow Digital has so much to share about our website builds and the great businesses, both big and small who stand behind them.

We have been on a big journey and we discovered a lot along the way. The development process reinforced the value of all businesses having a website. We received queries about where to find Sparrow Digital online when we were building, and it reminded us why we needed our site.

For all businesses, even the small ones operating for years without a website, it is important to start somewhere.

With a lot of decision making, project management (and nagging) we launched!

Taking flight again, after some much needed time in the nest! 

Enjoy our cool new website so you can see what we do at Sparrow Digital.