Where to start with your Google My Business Profile.

Now is the time to understand how to fill in your Google My Business profile. It sets your business a part on Google Search and is any easy way to get you more customers!

Google describes your Google My Business Profile as a way for you to take charge of the way your business appears on Google Search and Google Maps. Since Google Search and Maps are fundamental to the way consumers search for everything, and it’s free, it is important for every business owner to look at your profile as an important part of your online shop window.

See our run down of the few things you can do to enhance your Google My Business profile.

Make sure you have claimed your profile

Google My Business Profile automatically appears in Google Maps and in the local results of Google Search. In order to get the benefits of your Profile and use it as an SEO and leads generation tool, you need to claim your profile. The easiest way to do this is to go to Google Maps, login and search for your business name. Then click Claim this business.

Fill in all your business details meticulously

Follow the prompts to fill in ALL of your profile details. Your Business Profile on Google is an easy way for potential customers to find out information about your business. It is important that you fill in as much information as possible, it assists Google in matching search results with your business.

Google My Business works best if all of your details are accurate. It is important to not only provide the information, but linking your website, phone number and writing your address accurately and the same on all platforms is important. Link your website, phone number and write your address exactly the same across all of your platforms.

Look at and fill in your Google My Business attributes. 

Your Business Attributes are specific services, features and qualities of your business. These attributes allow Google to link your business to relevant local searches. These can be added by Google users, but no one knows your business better than you. So make sure you add all of the relevant attributes of your business. It is an easy way to set you apart from others in Google Search results, check out this article for a detailed guide to business attributes.

Write your ‘from the business’ description. 

This is a 750 character description that appears under the review section of your business listing. It is important to be genuine, honest and focus on information that is relevant and useful to understanding your business. The general rule of thumb is to make your 250 words the most important, to accommodate for viewing on mobile devices. Google has some general guidelines too. Don’t make it spammy. Use it to pitch your business, focus on details about your business rather than pricing, promotions or sales. Be conscious of misspelt words and jargon. 

Upload your own photos, and encourage your customers to as well!

Google My Business Profile photos and updates are the best way to attract people to visit your business. Use relevant photos and videos from users at your business location. Use the photo in its original form and avoid dark and blurry images. 

To encourage people to take photos at your location and post them – create a photo-worthy experience, offer to take photos of your customers and ask them to post them on your Google Business Profile!

Collect and reply to reviews

Google has some best practices when it comes to getting reviews for your Google My Business Profile. Remind customers to leave reviews and let them know it is quick and easy. Do not offer incentives in order to receive reviews. You can create and share a link from your Google My Business dashboard to send to customers and even incorporate into an e-marketing campaign. It is also important to reply to reviews to build customer trust. Do not panic if you receive a negative review. When viewing a business profile, a mix of both positive and negative reviews are seen as more trustworthy.

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