What to ask your Website Developer in your First Meeting

Starting a new website from scratch, or freshening up an old website is a big job. The process of preparing your business for a website overhaul can feel overwhelming if you have never done it before. Just by performing a simple google search, there are so many web design and development companies out there. They promise they can build the perfect website with no hassle and deliver a great sales funnel, user experience, and everything in between that will improve sales and bring in plenty of leads. Whilst this is true, it’s only possible if you pick the right web developer for the job. 

In the process of website development, there are some common questions that we think will ensure you have a great first meeting and be well prepared for your website build ahead.

Can I see examples of your work?

Asking what websites your potential web designer has worked on previously is a great way to see if they match the vibe you want to go for, and check out what they’re capable of!

When will you be available to work on my website?

Having a good idea what the timeline looks like is essential in the running of a smooth project.

Can you maintain my website after the design is complete?

It is essential to know what happens to your website after the website development project is complete. 

What is the website development process?

The website project process will vary slightly from developer to developer and project to project. It is important to understand the process you will go through as a client from the outset. 

Who is writing content? Will SEO (search engine optimisation) be part of my website build?

It is essential that it is clear who is providing the content for your website. When it comes to optimising your website for search, is a whole other part of your website build. It is important to know if optimising your website for Google Search will be included in the costs of the website build.

Do you optimise my website for mobile?

It is essential for your website to work seamlessly on mobile devices. We’re all using our mobiles to access websites on the go.

How do I contact you?

Knowing who and how to contact your web developer throughout the project and afterward is essential. 

A website build can be an exciting journey of business growth. If you’re a bricks and mortar store starting an ecommerce website or starting a new platform to get leads, it is an exciting step. It is important you have the support of the right web developer to help you take it!

Infographic - Questions to ask your web developer in your first meeting

If you’re ready to get started on your new website, we would love to answer your questions. Get in touch!