Understanding the Online Shoppers Google Search

Most shoppers go on a series of Google Searches every time they make a purchase. Similar to the online buyers journey, understanding the pattern of google search is a great way to inform your decisions on marketing activities. It also helps by providing insight for targeting your potential customers at different stages of their journey with Google Search. 

See if you can map your online customer google search journey using the steps outlined below.


How are people gaining awareness of your brand, product or service? At this stage if someone is searching google it is normally for a broader topic. Social media serves as a great tool in the awareness stage, to get your brand personality out there and product or service in front of people that may not be consciously searching.

Refined Search.

The initial search gives the searcher a broad idea of what is available related to that topic. Based on what the searcher has found, they will narrow down their search terms to be more specific.

Purchase Stage.

After the searcher investigates the exact product and service they may want to purchase, the user will move into comparing available merchants and prices for that product or service.

In the online customer google search journey, the refined search and purchase stage is where some purposeful Search Engine Optimisation copywriting can be of great benefit. 

A lot of our clients write their own content. So, to optimise your website for Google Search, it is best to explain your product and service specifically. At the refined search and purchase stage, the searcher is normally a bit more educated on the search topic. A business can use this to their advantage through website content. Make sure your website content mentions specific ‘keywords’ that you know searchers will use. Keywords that are included in website copywriting must flow naturally to the reader. The more specific, the more chance of Google matching a keyword on your website to a term used in a customer search query.

There is a lot more to the online buyers journey, google search and SEO copywriting than this article. If you want a more comprehensive guide on SEO and the Buyers Journey, check out this article from Ahrefs.

With the buyer journey in mind it might help you get more out of your budget, website content and digital marketing!

Cycle Diagram - Online Shopper Google Search