Proactive Support

For companies looking to keep the essentials up to date and running smooth. 

Including the following:

All the features of the Basic Support Plan PLUS

  • SEO essentials (Search Engine Optimisation)Continuously working on keeping up with the latest adaptations, trends and technical requirements in order to keep you in the organic search rankings.
  • Analytics reports
    Using google analytics and other tools to assess, adapt and improve on website performance.
  • Minor website alterations


  • Level 1 (up to 2 hours support per month) – £85 per month 
  • Level 2 (up to 3 hours support per month) – £120 per month
  • Level 3 (up to 6 hours support per month) – £200 per month 

Initial consultation required, but is refundable upon subscription to a 3 month minimum plan

Annual subscription to any of the monthly plans are rewarded with a 15% discount when paid upfront.

Available subscriptions:

3 month plan (minimum subscription)/ 6 month plan 12 month plan (15% discount when paid upfront).