Website Builds

We pride ourselves on providing an honest and upfront service. Over our time we have seen a lot of agencies and businesses try to lock clients and customers into a platform or a service that isn’t quite right or leaves you with no control.

We’ve built our reputation on helping people first and foremost, and we’ve found that this works wonders, if we can’t help you directly, then we will know someone who is better suited for your needs and will happily introduce you.


Our technical skills allow us to develop in a whole range of different software, and we’ve settled on the ethos of keeping it simple and straight forward. Providing clients with an easy to use system that allows them to upload their own images, change their content and add news/blog posts whenever they want to with no extra charge each time, sounds like the perfect solution, and that’s where WordPress delivers everything we need it to and more.

We’ve used other systems in the past such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal and some others that were equally as complicated, but when it comes to building a solid base to build your online presence on, the current weapon of choice is WordPress.

Search Engines / SEO

SEO is a mysterious world, and our belief is that even the guys over at Google don’t really understand how it all works. We work with a number of clients, helping them optimise their websites to be found for specific search terms and to make sure that their website is the best it possibly can be.

Conversion optimisation

SEO handles the traffic into your site, but then we have to make sure that we are converting as many website visitors into leads and contacts. Using analytics and tracking systems, we look at what is working well/or not well on your website and tweak it to increase your conversions