Website: Interwoven

Who are Interwoven?

The end client is based in New York where they develop technical clothing along the lines of baby clothes with heart rate monitors and temperature sensors in them, which then sync to your phone so that you can monitor your baby with ease. A lot of their work is concept work, but they also work closely with companies like NASA for fully bespoke projects.

My actual client for this project is a design agency based in Leeds called Split. I’ve been working with Oli for a long time now and their attention to detail is exactly what you need for projects like this. I’ve used Split for my own projects many times and I’ve never been disappointed with their service, and I’ve worked with Split on some incredible projects… including being part of the team that built Dizzee Rascal’s official website a few years ago…

What did we deliver?

Split came to me looking for a bespoke WordPress website that would allow the Interwoven team to manage their own content and add projects etc without the need for coming back to us each time. The two key elements here were the ease of use for the admins, and then also turning the designs from Split into an accurate WordPress theme that was responsive and loaded quickly.

When we built the website, we knew that there would be future changes to make as their projects evolved, so as with every website we build, we made it as future proof as possible so that they didn’t need to come back and get a full redesign each time. The great part of this website is that there was no crazy integrations which meant that there was time available for us to spend on some slightly more advanced effects such as the roll overs and staggered fade ins, and while they’re subtle, they really add to the whole feel of the website.