Website: Black Lodge Cabins

Who are Black Lodge Cabins?

Black Lodge Cabins are a family run business in Cumbria, they noticed a gap in the market for well made luxury cabins and sheds, be it for storage, a garden office or even just a summer house. Their products are built to order and done so to the highest quality. They know the importance of quality and consistency when it comes to creating a strong company brand which really helped when they came to us to do their website.

What did we deliver?

Dale, the owner, came with a rough idea of what he wanted, so we sat down and sketched everything out. “Who was the target audience?”, “What was the purpose of the website?” and so on. Once we had our mission, we put together a WordPress site and began to theme it along the branding guidelines that Dale gave us.

The WordPress website needed to act as point of contact for people wanting to get in touch, but also a place to show how strong the brand and quality is. The final challenge was to portray the products in a way that could really get accross the difference between them and a premade / bought shed from you usual DIY stores. We did this by allowing the photography to take priority on the product pages. As with most of our projects, this is just the start of the website for Black Lodge Cabins, they are looking to add lots more products and content along with some great ideas for lead generation.