Why a Website for your Business is better than just Social Media

Does your business need a website? The answer is yes!

Many businesses depend on social media to promote their product or service, or they have an old and slow website that does not get seen. Then they come to us, asking what they’re doing wrong online!

Social media is crucial in providing social proof, connecting with consumers, and not to mention, free! However, a website is an investment that is essential in getting your business to take flight online.

See our six reasons why a website seriously elevates your online growth.

1. You have to be in it to win it.

If your business does not have its own website, it looks like you no longer have a business. A website is not only for big companies with big budgets. According to Fit Small Business, 71% of small businesses have their own website!

2. Legitimacy and Credibility.

A business that relies on social media is missing the backbone of their online presence. With so much misinformation on social media, it is important that businesses back it up with their own website.

3. Create the ‘hub’ of your online business.

Your website is where everything is customised to your needs, where your business message is delivered and people learn and experience the value of what you have to offer.

4. Reach more people!

A website can reach a worldwide market. Social media reaches people that use that platform actively. There are so many different kinds of platforms to be on top of and there is a trend of people removing themselves from social media. If those people don’t have an account, they’re missing your content. Make sure you reach everyone with your own website.

5. No ever-changing algorithms.

Social media platforms use algorithms to serve their own business goals, not yours. For example, have you ever had lots of likes and comments on a post and then none the following week? That’s the social media algorithm. On your own business website, you can have a direct conversation with the person who is looking for your product or service.

6. Unlimited information.

You have way more to offer than a Tweet, Facebook or Instagram post. There are rules for each social media platform that restrict how much you write or simply, don’t show your posts if they’re not optimised. However, the more you post on your own website, the better!

Having a website for your business doesn’t have to be complicated, you can start small and it can be transformative.

Does this sound like your business?

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