Have you heard about Freebie Friday?

What is Freebie Friday?

Freebie Friday is a get together with likeminded businesses on a Friday morning. It is a chance for you to put time aside for problem solving your pain points with websites and online presence. A couple of hours once a month, where you bring your challenges based on a variety of topics. All centred around the one theme, your website and online presence.

There are no sales pitches here. Freebie Friday is a forum, where each group member gets the microphone to voice their pain points and tell the group what they do. The group then gets a chance to ask questions, workshop your problems and bring their own experience and potential solutions. Basically, create a conversation where you say to yourself “ahhh, I didn’t think to do it like that!”

Oh, and we provide bacon sarnies too.

What do businesses take away from Freebie Friday?

The short answer, a lot of knowledge and guidance on where to start stepping in the right direction (we hope!) The long answer, this month we let our guests’ pain points guide the conversation.

It was apparent how important it is to get into the shoes of your end user, your ideal client, your audience.
The way you build and write copy on your website should be designed to serve them. Think about your tone of voice and ask yourself, does it suit the user on every single page? Does my content and pages answer these ‘persona’s’ questions?

We focussed on content. The importance of using easy to understand language when writing about what you do and your services, like you’re explaining it to your key audience. Most of the time your audience wants to hear about what you do in a simple and relatable way. This means, explaining it as you would to someone who you’ve met down at the pub.

We also shared some hot tips on how to optimise your website – from high quality, fast loading photographs to using H1 Headers effectively. As well as the importance of investing the time to get your reports and metrics doing the hard work for you, so you can let that guide any investment you might have in paid advertising and marketing activity.

Finally, we suggested the importance of researching other people in your field. What are those you aspire to be, doing well? How can you forge your own path in that landscape?

You take away some knowledge from other businesses who are working stuff out, just like yourselves and us!

What types of businesses come to Freebie Friday?

All kinds! Let us introduce you to the guests from our first freebie Friday…

Charles Weir
Software Consultancy

Website: https://charlesweir.com/

Charles helps companies’ different teams work better together by linking their different systems together – making operations more efficient, productive and reliable. His methods are grounded in many years of experience designing and integrating complex software systems. Charles’ has worked with a variety of businesses, making a decided positive impact to both team enjoyment and the bottom line.

Shane Borg
Borg Woodwork Designs

Website: https://www.borgwoodworkdesigns.com/

Borg woodwork designs create luxury and handmade wooden furniture and furnishings. Created in the Lakes District in Cumbria, his one of a kind pieces complete any room. Shane uses locally sourced materials as much as possible and a genuine love for the craft. Working closely with his clients, understanding their vision so that he can use his experience and skill set to bring each item to fruition.

Bryan Waters
The Cue Tube

Website: https://thecuetube.com/

The Cue Tube is a community of creatives, with over 12,000 composers for film, TV and game music. They provide resources for composers to develop and for filmmakers and game developers who need a great composer for their project. The Cue Tube’s goal is to help composers develop, network, learn and find opportunities by providing resources for education, connecting with one another, practice and portfolio building as well as amazing competitions with awesome prizes.

If you think you’d benefit from a chat with other businesses about your website or online presence. We’d love for you to join our shortlist for the next one!

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